Baik Laboratory
Computational Molecular Modeling
ORCID: 0000-0002-8832-8187; ResearcherID: K-7333-2015; KRI-ID: 11137281; Google-Scholar
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[180] "ZnMe2-Mediated Direct Alkylation of Electron Deficient N-Heteroarenes Using 1,1-Diborylalkanes" Woohyun Jo, Seung-yeol Baek, Chiwon Hwang, Joon Heo, Mu-Hyun Baik and Seung Hwan Cho, to be submitted

[179] "Palladium-Catalyzed Alkyne Insertion/Cross-Coupling Reactions of Alkyl Iodides: Synthetic and Mechanistic Studies" Deyaa AbuSalim, Erin R. Fruchey, Frank Gao, Mu-Hyun Baik and Silas P. Cook, to be submitted

[178] "The Oxidation of Cymantrene-tagged Tamoxifen in Dichloromethane: The Influence of Contact Ion Pairing On Redox Potentials" Ji Young Park, Hyerim Nam, Yujin Lee, William E. Geiger and Mu-Hyun Baik, to be submitted

[177] "Pd-Catalyzed Fluorination of Cyclic Vinyl Triflates: Trifluoromethylation of the Biarylphosphine Ligand Improves Regioselectivity" Yuxuan Ye, Seoung-Tae Kim, Mu-Hyun Baik and Stephen L. Buchwald, to be submitted

[176] "Selective Ring Expansion and C–H Functionalization Reactions of Azulene" Sangjune Park, Jinhoon Jeong, Ho Ryu, Mu-Hyun Baik and Phil Ho Lee, to be submitted

----------------  submitted ----------------

[175] (15) "Dimerization Strategies for the Synthesis of High-Order Securinega Alkaloids" Joonoh Park, Seongmin Jeon, Gyumin Kang, Jongsun Lee, Mu-Hyun Baik, and Sunkyu Han, submitted

[174] (14) "Maximizing the Photocatalytic Efficiency of Functionalized Corrole through a trifluoromethylation Approach" Xuan Zhan, Peter Teplitzky, Yael Diskin-Posner, Mahesh Sundararajan, Zakir Ullah, Qiu-Cheng Chen, Linda J. W. Shimon, Irena Saltsman, Atif Mahammed, Monica Kosa, Mu-Hyun Baik, David G. Churchill and Zeev Gross, submitted

[173] (13) "Diastereoselective Intramolecular Rhodium-Catalyzed [(3+2+2)] Carbocyclization Reactions with Tehered Alkynylidenecyclopropanes: Synthesis of the Tremulane Sesquiterpene Natural Products" Molly J. Duschnicky, Dasol Cho, Phillip A. Inglesby, Seulhui Choi, Mu-Hyun Baik  and P. Andrew Evans, submitted

[172] (12) "Conversion of Methane to Ethylene Using an Ir Complex and Phosphorus Ylide as a Methylene Transfer Reagent" Pavel Zatsepin, Seihwan Ahn, Bimal Pudasaini, Michael R. Gau, Mu-Hyun Baik and Daniel J. Mindiola, submitted

[171] (11) "The Mechanism of Copper-Catalyzed Trifunctionalization of Terminal Allene" Hong Ki Kim, Manoj V. Mane, John Montgomery and Mu-Hyun Baik, submitted

[170] (10) "Solubilized Naphthalene Diimide Anolyte for Aqueous, Neutral  pH Organic Redox Flow Batteries" Veerababu Medabalmi, Mahesh Sundararajan, Mu Hyun Baik and  Hye Ryung Byon, submitted

[169] (9) "How many O-donors in enterobactin does it take to bind a metal?" Todor Baramov, Bianca Schmid, Ho Ryu, Jinhoon Jeong, Karlijn Keijzer, Leonard von Eckardstein, Mu-Hyun Baik, Roderich Süssmuth, submitted

[168] (8) "Ruthenium Catalyzes the Synthesis of γ-Butenolides Fused to Cyclohexanones" Raju S. Thombal, Seoung-Tae Kim, Mu-Hyun Baik and Yong Rok Lee, submitted

[167] (7) "Multi-frequency (9/34/94 GHz) Pulse EPR Spectroscopy Identifies a Cobalt-Oxo Species" Yujeong Kim, Yoo Kyung Go, Mahesh Sundararajan, Deesha D. Malik, Jun-Hyeong Kim, Jin Kim, Seungwoo Hong, Yong-Min Lee, Jason Shearer, Mu-Hyun Baik, Wonwoo Nam, and Sun Hee Kim, submitted

[166] (6) "One metal-site is enough: A Ni-complex reduces NO3- to N2" Jinseong Gwak, Seihwan Ahn, Mu-Hyun Baik and Yunho Lee, submitted

[165] (5) "CuH-Catalyzed Enantioselective Alkylation of Indole Derivatives with Ligand-Controlled Regiodivergence" Yuxuan Ye, Seoung-Tae Kim, Jinhoon Jeong, Mu-Hyun Baik and Stephen L. Buchwald, submitted

[164] (4) "Selective C−C Bond Formation from Rhodium-Catalyzed C−H Activation Reaction of 2-Arylpyridines with 3-Ary-2H-azirines" Yonghyeon Baek, Jinwoo Kim, Hyunseok Kim, Ho Ryu, Seung Jin Jung, Suyeon Kim, Jeong-Yu Son, Kyusik Um, Sang Hoon Han, Hyung Jin Seo, Juyoung Heo, Kooyeon Lee, Mu-Hyun Baik, and Phil Ho Lee, submitted

[163] (3) "Stereoinversion of Unactivated Alcohols by Sulfonamides" Paul T. Marcyk, Latisha R. Jefferies, Deyaa I. AbuSalim, Maren Pink, Mu-Hyun Baik and Silas P. Cook, submitted

[162] (2) "Directing Foldecture Self-Assembly With A Cyclopropyl Cap" Danim Lim, Hyunjoong Kim, Jintaek Gong, Jae-Hoon Eom, Eunyoung Yoon, Russell W. Driver, Mu-Hyun Baik and Hee-Seung Lee, submitted

[161] (1) "Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Tetrasubstituted Olefins" Jadab Majhi, Ben W. H. Turnbull, Ho Ryu, Jiyong Park, Mu-Hyun Baik, and P. Andrew Evans, submitted

---------------- 2019 ----------------

 (4) "Crystalline π-Conjugated Two-Dimensional Polymer with Enhanced Charge Carrier Mobility" Jeehong Kim, Samik Jhulki, In-Chul Hwang, Sang Hoon Lee, Golam Haider, Yeonsang Lee, Monika Kataria, Naisa Chandrasekhar, Moon Young Hur, Ji Young Park,  Jiyong Park, Mu-Hyun Baik, Jin Young Koo, Juho Kim, Moon Ho Jo, Chan-Cuk Hwang, Kyeoung Sik Jin, Young Hwa Jung, Yang-Fang Chen, Seung-Hoon Jhi, Kangkyun Baek, and Kimoon Kim, Nat. Chem. 2018, in revision

[159] (3) "Design and Optimization of Catalysts Based on Mechanistic Insights Derived From Quantum Chemical Reaction Modeling" Seihwan Ahn, Mannkyu Hong, Deyaa I. AbuSalim, Mahesh Sundararajan, Daniel H. Ess and Mu-Hyun Baik, Chem. Rev. 2019to be submitted

(2) "Catalytic Borylation of Methane: Combining Computational and High-Throughput Screening Approaches to Discover a New Catalyst" Pavel Zatsepin, Dieter Sorsche, Seihwan Ahn, Mu-Hyun Baik, and Daniel J. Mindiola, Chapter in "Alkane Functionalization", VCH-Wiley edited by Armando J. Pombeiro, in press

[157] (1) "Schrock vs. Fischer Carbenes: A Quantum Chemical Perspective" Joonghee Won, Hoimin Jung, Manoj Mane, Joon Heo, Seongyeon Kwon and Mu-Hyun Baik, Adv. Inorg. Chem. 2019in press

---------------- 2018 ----------------

[156] (29) "Gold(I)-catalyzed –OH Group Assisted C(sp2)–H Alkylation of Enaminones with Diazo Compounds to Access 3-Alkyl Chromones" Pradip N. Bagle, Manoj V. Mane, Amol B. Gade, Samir R. Shaikh, Mu-Hyun Baik and Nitin T. Patil, Org. Lett. 2018, in revision

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DOI: 10.1002/anie.201802891

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---------------- 2017 ----------------

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---------------- 2016 ----------------

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---------------- 2015 ----------------

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